What is Money Coaching?

Money coaching teaches both practical tools and strategies for money management as well as digging into the psychology and mindset behind the money thoughts and behaviors. A coach is a guide who helps you find the path that is best, starting right where you are. Every coach will have their own methods and practices, so it’s important to find someone who “gets you”.

Why would I hire Money Coach?

Money issues are rarely about the numbers. If it was just a math problem, you would’ve solved it by now. Instead, money comes with a lot of baggage, emotions, and beliefs. A coach is an objective set of eyes on the situation to help show you a different perspective. A coach helps you “do” your money better by helping you remove what’s standing between where you are now and where you want to be.

"I felt hopeful after my first call with Jessica. She didn’t judge me at all and I appreciated her breaking it down and into smaller bits for me... I'm exited about the possibilities and feel capable of tackling my finances so they’re no longer controlling me and causing so much stress. "

Why MindSET Financial Coaching?

My coaching programs include both a proven budget system and mindset work. 

You can have the perfect budget in place, but if you don’t have your mind right, you are always going to end up right back where you started. Or, you can have an amazing money mindset, but if you don’t have a strategy or a plan, you’ll still be living in a paycheck to paycheck world. You need a healthy bit of both to really unlock the magic of an abundant life.

We tackle the money + mindset issues to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle and finally get your money under control once and for all. 


Learn a new way to manage your money that makes everything more clear. See exactly where you are now and where you will be months from now.


Gain confidence in handling your money. Know exactly what you have and how much you can spend. See future consequences before making decisions.


Change your thoughts around money. Confidence and stability replace shame and judgment. Strengthen relationships, improve communication, reach goals, and live the life you want to live.

"... Just a couple months in working with Jessica and I now sleep better, have less anxiety, am comfortable looking at our bank balances and don’t have to worry about Aqua showing up to turn off our water. It’s improving our financial health as well as our mental health and is doing wonders for our marriage. I recommend her for anything financial, she’s tough but loving and truly cares about you. Life changing service."

How do I know if it's right for me?

Easy. Set up a free consultation. 

During that call, you will have space to unload all of the struggles you are facing without judgment. By the end of our 45 minutes together, you will have a better idea of what’s actually going on with your money and why. And, if it’s a good fit, we can talk about what it would look like to work together to get you unstuck and moving forward.