Ready to Master Your Spending and Create Your Next Level Life?

Your intentions were good. The budget was set. This time, you’d stick to it. For real. 

And then, like most busy women, the plan to spend more “responsibly” always looks and sounds better, and easier, on paper than in real life. You know you’re making too much money to not know where it’s going, so what gives? 

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. This is quite normal and across the board, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Budgeting, as it’s typically taught, isn’t feasible in this day and age.

You don’t get paid all at once on the first of the month, and it’s soooo much easier to lose track of spending in this digital age. Besides, most budgets are focused on the numbers, not you as a person, so a cookie-cutter approach is just setting yourself up for failure. 

In order to bring your money dreams to life, a more personal touch is needed. It’s not hard, but it takes a new way of seeing your money, and the typical budgeting methods with their scrimping and saving aren’t going to work.

You need a plan to spend intentionally and have someone to hold you accountable.

Imagine having someone who can help you see exactly where the money needs to be and ensure you have exactly what you need to end that vicious cycle of overspending!

My name is Jessica, and I’m dedicated to helping you learn how to spend better, not less.


“Jessica RADICALLY changed my life. I didn’t balance a checkbook (ever) and had no clue where all my money was going until I started working with Jessica. I can now see how living that way was not only costing me a ton of money but adding an unbelievable amount of stress to my life. I’ve never felt more in control and carefree at the same time (financially speaking) in all my life.” – Anne P.

The process I created just works, whether this is your first (or 27th) time trying to get control of your money.

I call it my Future-Based Budget,
and it’s a core piece of my eight week
- Next Level Life -
1:1 money coaching program.

Step One: We tap into Awareness and Gratitude. We get real on where your money has been going to set the foundation for your new spending plan, and we start a subtle shift in your money mindset by beginning a daily gratitude journal. 

Step Two: We talk about your goals – what do you want to be spending your money on and what’s important to you? When you can start to spend more on what matters, and less on what doesn’t, your next level life starts to emerge.

Step Three: We meet together via Zoom each week as we build out your personalized Future-Based Budget to troubleshoot and strategize your spending.

Step Four: We take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to your money to remove temptation and eliminate the need to use willpower in order to stop overspending.
I currently offer this foundational program to women who: 
  • Are looking for a better approach to managing their everyday money
  • Are frustrated with the overspending cycle and know they can do better
  • Have big money goals and want to find that “extra” to begin building wealth
  • Want to feel more confident in how they handle their money
  • Want their life to reflect their income
  • Need accountability to stick with the changes they want to make
  • Know they bring in too much money to not know where it’s going

“Listen, we’ve been living paycheck to paycheck for years. I’m terrible with money. TERRIBLE. But not anymore! Jessica is an amazing coach! I was able to stop the crappy paycheck to paycheck cycle in about a month. You know what I did? I jumped in and listened to everything she had to say. I changed my mindset on our money. I did what she told me and it all started to change!” – Cassie F.

Are you the next one I get to work with? Let’s find out!

I work with no more than four new clients at a time.
I’d love to see where you’re at with your money, and if I’m the right fit for you. Let’s set up a free consultation to see if I’m your next best step!

About Jessica Kleine


Jessica Kleine is a budget master, bookkeeper, and money coach who is currently making her mark in all things money management as the founder and CEO of MindSET Financial Coaching.

Jessica inspires and equips her clients with the skills, strategies, and mindset they need to take control of their finances and build confidence with money – without judgment. She believes money is personal and cookie-cutter approaches to money issues are not the way to solve them. 

Jessica has contributed to Thriving Women Magazine and has been a guest on numerous podcasts and blogs. She has also been a speaker for MomsNation and is currently working on a multi-author book. 

Outside of growing her businesses, she homeschools her two girls and is obsessed with all things Harry Potter. She’s fluent in sarcasm and loves to make people laugh, especially over a glass of wine. She’s a personal development junkie, a novice archer, and an avid fantasy fiction reader. 

More happy clients...

Jessica doesn’t tell you how to manage your money – she helps you figure out what’s most important to you, then teaches you how to manage YOUR OWN mindset around money. I’ve never met anyone else who does exactly what she does… Everyone who earns, spends, or has money needs [her coaching]!” – Michelle W.

I admit, I was skeptical. Not wanting to part with money. I mean, finances were rough so why would I spend anything to teach me. Right?? Well, I’m so glad I did. It’s not spending, it’s investing. I invested in Jessica, and when I say life changing, I mean absolutely life changing! The BEST investment I have ever made. Single mom here, robbing Peter to pay Paul, shuffling bills every month. Not anymore!! My bills are paid, I have money in the bank, I have a vacation planned and paid for, and my goal of buying a bigger family car became a reality last night. WITHOUT GUILT! It’s an amazing feeling! I’m comfortable and secure in my decisions about finances. It really is a completely different mindset.” – Karen D.

So glad I put my fears aside and did this! It’s not easy taking a hard look in the mirror regarding your spending (hello Amazon!) but it is so worth it. Instead of hitting buy, I really think about how this is impacting numbers. Budgeting isn’t scary anymore, it’s a total mindset change at how I look at it now!” – April W.