Fed up with living
paycheck to paycheck?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Jessica, The MomBoss Money Coach and founder of MindSET Financial Coaching.

Let me guess….

You know you should be better off than you are, but your expenses keep rising with your income. You know you should have enough money to cover everything because, on paper, you are doing just fine. In fact, you should have more than enough. But every month, you need to borrow a bit from savings to make sure it’s all covered, or maybe you have to put a few things on the credit card just to be sure the bank account has enough, or you're constantly transferring money back and forth to make it work.

You've tried budgeting before but it didn't stick. You probably hated every minute of it.

You've read the books. You've tried the apps. You've tried every budget worksheet known to man.

You need help, but you don't know who to ask. You don't even know what to ask.

You just know it shouldn’t be this hard.

You should know how to do all this without struggling so much... right?

"Before I started working with Jessica we never knew what was coming out of our account. We would scramble to move money around to cover bills, groceries and everyday necessities. Sometimes we would even borrow money to cover unexpected expenses. And when I say unexpected, I mean things we should have had in our budget. I felt insecure in my finances and looked at our balances constantly to make sure we didn’t have overdrafts..."